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The J-Chip ECO Receivers


  • Perfectly sized for carry-on luggage while traveling
  • Ideal for remote locations not accessible by car
  • Easily set up in narrow/cramped locations such as mountain trails
  • Quicker, easier, and less expensive to transport and deploy

3 models available to suit your needs!

  • 3ch (2m mat included) – works with mats up to 4m (13 ft)
    Typical Use: transition entry/exit points at a triathlon, chip verification at packet pickup, finish line of a small running race
  • 5ch (4m mat included) – works with mats up to 4m (13 ft)
    Typical Use: split point at a race, start/finish at a medium-sized running race
  • 8ch (mat sold separately) – works with mats up to 12m (39 ft)
    Typical Use: road cycling finish line, mass start at a large event


  • Weight: less than 18 lbs
  • Size: 16.5x11x7 inches (LxWxH)
  • Channels: Available in 3-channel, 5-channel, or 8-channel models
  • Internal battery life: 10 minutes, GS YUASA 12V1.2AH
  • Connections: USB port for GPS, USB port for data export, RS232C, DI/DO available, USB power port for 5V.
  • Included Accessories: GPS unit, Yagi antenna, Yagi antenna cable, Tripod stand for Yagi, A/C Adapter cable, External power cable (allows using a car battery as a power source)


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