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Welcome to the home of J-Chip, the world's most accurate and reliable sports timing system.


J-Chip is designed for timing marathons, road/trail running, road bike racing, mountain bike racing, triathlon, mud/obstacle racing, cross-country skiing, snowshoe racing, and more. Our customers successfully use J-Chip at events in the United States, Asia, Europe, South America, and Australia.


J-Chip can be used to produce real-time results at events both large and small. Our customers regularly provide ‘live’ results online (including split points from multiple remote locations), live leaderboards on large-format screens, text messaging results to interested parties, instant results kiosks, and even posting results to participants’ social media pages.

The System

The J-Chip Sports Timing System includes three core products:

  1. The chip
  2. The mat
  3. The receiver

All components are designed to be easy to set up, light weight, and highly weather resistant.


The J-chip system is developed by Micro Talk Systems Corp. of Tokyo, Japan, a manufacturer of radio-frequency identification (RFID) products. For more information about Micro Talk Systems, visit the website: