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Our customers are able to maintain a competitive edge in the race timing industry with the J-Chip system.


No other timing system can achieve J-Chip’s combination of accuracy, read rate, read density, performance under adverse conditions (water, mud, snow), and read height.


The J-Chip system can be used for any type of human powered race: marathon, triathlon, cycling, mountain biking, stand up paddleboard (SUP), cross-country ski, distance swimming, adventure race, and more. The chip can be attached to the bib, a wristband, ankle band, or shoe…or slipped in a pocket in a pinch! Timing locations can use the J-Chip Antenna Mat, or an aerial trigger antenna in combination with the J-Chip Yagi Antenna, making water finishes possible.


J-Chip timers are able to use just one mat at each timing location and still achieve the highest read rates in the industry, in part because the redundancy is already built into the system. The J-Chip Antenna Mat contains multiple receiving antennas, the J-Chip Receiver can handle input from up to 8 different channels, and the chip operates on 3 separate frequencies.


The J-Chip system consists of just one mat and one receiver per timing location. Data can be collected without the need for a laptop if desired. This means less equipment to transport and set up. The J-Chip Antenna Mat is only 2 mm thick and surprisingly light. Mats come in several convenient lengths from 4 to 12 meters, so you won’t need to carry any extra weight.

Software Options

The world’s best and most popular scoring programs support the J-Chip system. If you are using a commercially available scoring program, chances are good that it already supports J-Chip.


From the moment you first contact us, we are committed to meeting your needs as a race organizer or race timer. We don’t just sell this stuff, we use it ourselves, and we strive for the same high standards in technical support as we do in state-of-the-art hardware design. We are here in the U.S. and ready to take your call!


Price is short-term, value is long-term. How much is a cheap system worth if your results are compromised by missed reads? How much does the cheap system really cost, after considering that you must buy two receivers and mats for each timing location? Are you looking for a system that is just ok, or are you looking for the best? After asking yourself these questions, we are confident you will find that J-Chip offers the best value in the timing industry.